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Bank of New Zealand

The Bank of New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s big four banks and has been helping their customers achieve their goals for over 150 years.

The bank operates a variety of financial services covering retail, business, and institutional banking and employs over 5,000 people in New Zealand.

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Banking for Expats Living in Auckland

Many expats moving to New Zealand opt to open a local bank account with a New Zealand Bank. There are a  number of reasons for this, including:

  • no or limited presence of their home country bank in New Zealand.
  • the expense involved with accessing a home country bank account for cash via the ATM network.
  • a common employer requirement to pay salary into a local bank account.
  • the requirement by some service providers and businesses to be paid by a local bank.

Opening a bank account in Auckland

Ideally, you should open a New Zealand bank account before you arrive in New Zealand. This allows you to transfer money into your new account upon arrival and pay day to day bills and living expenses immediately.

Setting up a New Zealand Bank account is relatively straightforward. Most banks require:

  • Photo government identification such as a passport
  • Proof of address in Auckland

Choosing who to bank within Auckland

When choosing a bank, you should consider engaging a bank that has migrant banking specialists dedicated to assisting migrants and expats.

This is important as such specialists understand the common constraints that expats will have with credit history and the lack of previous experience using banking products in New Zealand. Such specialists can assist expats in meeting the financial requirements under certain visa categories.

Our E-Team member, Bank of New Zealand, employs dedicated and experienced banking specialists who are able to assist with all your banking and financial needs, in particular, your specific requirements and needs as an expat.

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