Each year many expats make the exciting move to Christchurch, being the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and the third most populated city of New Zealand.

The services of a recruitment agency will prove invaluable to an expat seeking employment whilst residing in Christchurch.

Localised Knowledge of Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency has localised knowledge of the opportunities presented by various industries and work sectors.

They can match an expat’s knowledge and work experience with such industries and sectors.

Recruitment Agency’s Large Network of Employers

In addition, a recruitment agency has a large network of local employers.

They can, therefore, usually quickly, match an expat’s skills and expertise with an appropriate employer.

Assistance Through All Stages of Employment Process

Following up on an employment application is also a part of a recruitment agency’s role.

An expat is therefore assisted through all the stages of the employment process, from the initial interview to salary negotiation.

Access to Employment Vacancies Which Are Not Advertised

Through years of partnership with clients, recruitment agencies are often first to learn about available employment vacancies.

Some of these employment vacancies are not advertised, thus granting expat access to additional markets regarding employment.

Our Christchurch ETeam member is an experienced and professional recruitment agency providing specialised knowledge assistance to expats with all their employment leads.


Canstaff is a global recruitment solution and staffing services which specializes in Construction, Engineering, Civil Construction, Logistics, and Manufacturing sectors.

They have local offices throughout New Zealand including Christchurch, Timaru/Oamaru, Ashburton, Queenstown, Auckland, Pukekohe.

Their visible global representation thru their offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Philippines, Canada and Australia demonstrates that they could work across the globe as well across all levels (individual and businesses) and across all professional disciplines.

They make their business about you, the candidates and the clients providing both ends up-to-date trends in the job and business market and walk you through from employment process to labour requirements.

Canstaff is confident to provide you with quality recruits and coveted companies.

To know more about Canstaff NZ, please see contact details below:

Contact Person: Matt Jones


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