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Visas for Expats Living in Christchurch

An expat entering Christchurch must ensure that they have applied for and obtained the correct visa.

The purpose for which an expat seeks to enter Christchurch, the length of their intended stay and their nationality are generally the main factors which determine the type of visa that an expat should apply for.

Other  requirements that an expat may be have to meet in being granted a  visa may include language tests, skills and qualification assessments, obtaining health insurance, police clearances and proof of available funds. The additional requirements which may apply depend on the type of visa applied for.

For example, for a work holiday visa to be granted, a return ticket is required (or proof of the having enough money to pay for one).The visa holder must also be entering Christchurch mainly for a holiday, with work being the secondary intention.

In applying for a visa, an expat will most likely be assisted by the advice and guidance of a migration agent.

A migration agent is a skilled expert who provides advice and guidance about the visa process. Such agent can handle the visa application, together with all the issues which may arise during the visa process, to maximize an expats chances of a successful visa application.


Download the Visas Christchurch Chapter

The Visas Christchurch Chapter written by Mary Noonan, Heartland Immigration, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Visas in Christchurch.


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