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Relocation & Shipping

Schimdt Global Relocations

With 72 years of international experience, Schmidt Global Relocations and their committed specialists take care of international relocation in detail. Their personal Move Managers will take care of everything for moving expats, from planning to paperwork to last-minute requests. 

Schmidt Global Relocations guarantees a comfortable move for expats moving to Amsterdam and other areas in the Netherlands, keeping clients constantly informed, working with their trusted team according to their high standards.

Schmidt Global Relocations assists expats in:

  • Relocation and settle-in assistance
  • Corporate and commercial moving
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Logistics management
E-Team Member Contact:
Steven den Brinker
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Relocation & Shipping for Expats in Amsterdam

Moving to a new city and a different country can be challenging to expats but moving to Amsterdam can be easier than you think.

Preparing ahead of time and arrange everything accordingly can make a huge difference and can save you from a lot of stress and hassle on your move to The Netherlands. 


Key relocation & shipping tips you should know as an expat in Amsterdam

  • Identify which services you need when working with a relocation agency. Consider services like packing and unpacking, custom clearance assistance, and assembling furniture at the destination. With this, you can coordinate with the agency and discuss the cost depending on your required services. 
  • Keep in mind that moving big furniture can be challenging when you move to Amsterdam so it’s best to keep your boxes light. If you’re hiring movers, then keep your boxes within the 20kg or 40lbs.
  • In Amsterdam, you need to secure a permit from the municipality in cases when your moving van would block the street as you load and unload your belongings. The municipality office would ask you to provide details of the situation andf the street you’re going to occupy. The permit has an associated fee. Hiring a relocation company can be advantageous as they can take care of these things for you.
  • After moving, you need to notify the municipality that you have finally settled into your new address in Amsterdam. You are required to do this a month before and no later than five working days after. You will need to provide a valid ID and a tenancy agreement or purchase contract. If you’re residing with someone else, you would need to provide a copy of that person’s ID and a declaration of permission to reside in the same address.

Relocation & shipping for expats establishing a business in Amsterdam

  • Create a timeline for your move. Consider the workdays of the offices and agencies you need to coordinate with when you move to Amsterdam. Some offices may be closed on weekends so plan your visits ahead of time.
  • For instances where you need to ship your belongings via sea cargo, put into consideration the cost of the port fees. If the Terminal Handling Charges (THC) are not indicated in the quotation from the movers, make sure to check how much the additional cost would be ahead of time.

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