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Bank of New Zealand

One of the big 4 banks in New Zealand, BNZ seeks to support the development of expats as they integrate into life in Auckland.

BNZ have been proving modern financial services to their customers for over 150 years. From banking to wealth planning and investment expertise, their range of services are highly suitable to expats moving to Auckland.

To make it easier for expats to ‘hit the ground running’, BNZ enables you to open a bank account before you move. This is especially valuable for expats who move to Auckland to work.

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Chantal Groothengel
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Banking for Expats in Auckland

The banking system in Auckland is safe and easy to use. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted and there is a good network of ATMs to access your money.

Key Banking tips you should know as an expat in Auckland
  • It’s best to open a bank account before you move, this will make it easier to apply for an IRD (tax) number if you plan to work in
  • The requirements for opening a bank account vary but it is a straight-forward process for expats who have the necessary identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s licence.
  • It is advisable that you investigate different account types as some charge fees for certain services (for example, monthly statements) that your current bank may not charge.
  • If you are planning to apply for an overdraft or loan whilst in Auckland, it is a good idea to get a reference from your home country’s bank
  • You can pay your regular bills directly from your bank account and internet banking is readily available.
Banking for expats establishing a business in Auckland
  • Most banks have tailored business banking solutions in Auckland and support multi-currency corporate
  • Opening a business account in Auckland requires a company to provide supporting proof of business information, including brochures, a website and invoices, as well as details about customers, suppliers, shareholders and
  • Depending on your requirements, you may be allocated your own private banker to assist in your business
  • Mobile and internet banking is widely supported for business banking in

Download the Banking Auckland Chapter

The Banking Auckland Chapter written by Chantal Groothengel, BNZ, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Banking in Auckland.


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