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Visa & Immigration

Malcolm Pacific Immigration

Malcolm Pacific Immigration is one of New Zealand’s most eminent Visas and Immigration consultants. Based in Auckland and Wellington, they have more than 30 years of experience and employ the biggest team of licensed immigration advisers. With their customer-centered approach and field expertise, they make sure that no expat is lost in the process of acquiring a visa in New Zealand.

Malcolm Pacific Immigration will assist you by providing:
  • free assessment of visa pathways,
  • managing the A-Z of the visa process for expats, 
  • assisting businesses with obtaining a visa for their employees relocating to Auckland.
E-Team Member Contact:
Lukas Sousa
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Visa & Immigration for Expats in Auckland

While Auckland has a small population of 1.6 million, it has a large community of expats living and working in the city. You will quickly feel at home in Auckland surrounded by many expats who share the same experiences as you.

Key Visa & Immigration tips you should know as an expat in Auckland
  • It is recommended to seek the services of a reputable licensed immigration advisor. They will provide the specialist knowledge and expertise to secure your visa.
  • You have to obtain a visa before you move to Auckland. As acquiring the visa is a lengthy process, it is advisable to seek immigration advice ahead of time. 
  • It is best to secure a job compliant with New Zealand employment regulations before applying for a work visa. You will have a better chance of being granted a visa if your employer can prove the position cannot be filled by a local candidate.
Visa & Immigration for expats establishing a business in Auckland
  • If you are a company planning to expand your operations in Auckland, you may be required to get a work visa for your senior management or specialist staff. The need to get a visa and its duration period vary depending on your situation. It is recommended to seek advice early before you begin investing.
  • Applications for the Entrepreneur Visa has had high decline rates due to the requirements that need to be satisfied. A Visa specialist can assist to navigate the criteria and increase your chances of having the visa granted.

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