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Kreston Global

Since 1971, Kreston Global has been helping expats in more than 150 countries. They offer professional support to businesses internationally on how to navigate regulation, tax regimes, reporting and compliance requirements and but gives valuable insights into improving clients’ business

The Kreston Global members across the globe are experts in their local regulations and customs inside out, combined with their solid reputation and enviable contact book giving their clients a competitive edge.

If you need tax and accounting services in Bangkok, email Yvonne Densing at with the details of your requirements.

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Tax & Accounting for Expats

International taxation is complex. With Expatland’s population of more than 230 million people, there are a multitude of tax and legal systems to consider. Failure to plan and understand the impact of these questions could add thousands of dollars to your global tax bill.

Key Tax & Accounting tips you should know as an expat 
  • It is essential that you consider all the tax implications in the city you’re moving to before you head off; six months is the preferred length of time to plan even if you are heading to a no-tax jurisdiction.
  • In getting taxation advice, make sure you use a company that has specialist experience and will focus on you
  • Plan for both tax perspectives from the point of view of your home country and also your city destination, otherwise thousands of dollars could be added to your global tax bill.
  • Find out if your home country has an exit tax regime. For example, Australia and the US have an exit tax regime.
  • Be aware that other taxes can reduce your wealth apart from income tax, such as property tax, wealth tax and/or estate taxes.
  • Some countries have social security systems that you may be required to contribute to. Research this carefully before you leave.
  • Don’t let a tax decision drive a financial decision.
  • Examine the implications of double tax agreements (DTAs) carefully.
  • Don’t assume that the tax treatment of an income stream in your home country will be the same in your new city.

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