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Relocation & Shipping

Putters International

Founded in 1923, Putters International is a leading international moving company that offers professional and carefree relocation of expats belongings door-to-door.

As a member of globally renowned relocation institutions, such as Harmony Relocation Network and International Association of Movers, Putters International’s services comply to high standards and globally approved regulations.

Putters International can assist you in:

  • Domestic and international relocations
  • Storage services
  • Insurance
  • Pet transport
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Jaff Van Durme
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Relocation & Shipping for Expats in Brussels

With good commercial links to the sea, road and air, getting your belongings to Brussels doesn’t have to be a daunting process, particularly if you consider using the services of a reputable relocation company.

Key relocation & shipping tips you should know as an expat in Brussels
  • Your personal belongings and household items can be imported to Brussels duty-free if certain requirements are met, which includes that the items are for personal use, owned for at least six months and you have lived in your country of origin for at least twelve consecutive months prior your move.
  • Your household effects could be imported in several separate shipments; however, you have to complete the declaration of duty-free entry for all shipments at the time of the first shipment.
  • When importing new personal items, you are required to present a detailed list of the items and the purchase invoices. Import duties and VAT will be due.
  • When moving to Brussels with a pet, you are required to obtain a veterinarian’s health certificate issued not less than 30 days prior. 
  • When bringing your car to Brussels, you must declare your car at the Belgian customs office with the list of required documents. 
  • Your car will be duty-free provided it has a minimum mileage of 6000km, owned for at least six months and taxes (sales tax or VAT) were paid in the country of origin.
  • There are a number of products and items that are strictly prohibited from being imported to Belgium. It’s best to familiarise yourself with restricted items before you start packing.
  • Belgium is no exception when it comes to strict customs allowances and importation regulations. It’s best to enlist the help of a reputable relocation specialist to ensure that your belongings arrive safe and sound to your new home in Brussels.

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