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KCG Immigration

KCG Immigration assists expat moving to Budapest in matters related to permanent or short-term assignments. They can make the entire relocation process more efficient and cost-effective, while improving the satisfaction of the expat arriving in Budapest.

Their comprehensive services include advice on which type of residence permit is the most suitable in the given case; preparation, submission and follow-up of all necessary documents and forms for the authorisation process and personal assistance when the expat has to visit the authority in person.

KCG Immigration is here to help you with:

  • Pre-decision counselling
  • Departure and destination assistance
  • Assistance with residence or work permit procedures
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Eszter Ila-Horvath
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Immigration for Expats in Budapest

Budapest is an ideal city for expats because of the career opportunities and business ventures available. When moving to Budapest, it is best to research the immigration process and prepare ahead of your move. Getting professional immigration advice before your move is advisable. 

Key immigration tips you should know as an expat in Budapest
  • Expats who are not residents of the European Union are considered third-country nationals.
  • Hungary is a member of the Schengen Area, which is an area of 26 European states that do not require a passport and any other border control at their internal borders in order to ensure the free movement of people. Practically, this means that the citizens of Schengen member countries are entitled to travel within the Schengen zone freely, without a passport and border control.
  • As a general rule, third-country nationals must apply for a visa when crossing the external borders of the Schengen countries. A Schengen visa enables them to stay in Schengen member states, such as Hungary, for up to 90 days. 
  • If a third-country national would like to stay in Hungary for a period exceeding 90 days, he/she must apply for a residence permit. The type of residence permit depends on the purpose of stay in Hungary (employment, pursuit of gainful activity, study or family reunification). For the residence permit application, the expat is required to submit the completed form and the required annexures, as well as to pay the administration fee. In Hungary, the Immigration and Asylum Office issues residence permits. 
  • If the third-country national would like to perform work in Hungary, a work permit must also be obtained. Usually, the Immigration and Asylum Office issues the residence permit and the work permit in a unified procedure.
Immigration for expats establishing a business in Budapest
  • There are no specific restrictions for expats to establish or acquire business interests in a Hungarian company. There are many types of company types to choose from, depending on the capital and the structure of the company. 
  • The business immigration procedure in Budapest includes the process of setting up a Hungarian company, preparing a business plan, and making sure that all requirements in ensuring a successful operation are met
  • Expats from non-EU member countries need to apply for a work and visa permit to be able to work in Budapest. The Minister of National Economy publishes the number of work permits that can be obtained by expats annually in the Official Hungarian Gazzette.
  • Work and visa permits vary depending on the origin country you are coming from and the length of stay in Budapest. 
  • For expats who would like to work in Budapest in an employment relationship, a residence permit for the purpose of employment shall be acquired. This type of residence permit is also required when the owner or executive officer of a business association performs work in the company in any other position.
  • This permit is a ‘single permit’ issued in a single application procedure that permits your residence in Budapest as well as performing work in the country. 

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