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Canstaff is a top-quality recruitment provider in Christchurch that can cover all your recruitment needs.

Offering global recruitment and staffing services in the Construction, Engineering, Civil Construction, Logistics, and Manufacturing sectors, they are an ideal choice for expats living in or moving to Christchurch.

With local offices throughout New Zealand, and others in the UK, Europe, Philippines, Canada and Australia, they can provide recruitment solutions, both individual and for businesses, across all industries.

With a customer-focused approach, they will provide you with up-to-date trends in the job and business market, while helpfully walking you through the entire recruitment process.

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Matt Jones
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Recruitment for Expats in Christchurch

The move to Christchurch is always going to be an exciting one. As the largest city on New Zealand’s South Island, and the third most populated in the country, it offers a range of excellent opportunities for expats.

Key recruitment tips you should know as an expat in Christchurch
  • There are a number of employment benefits that all employees working in Christchurch are entitled to such as holiday leave and minimum wage. Familiarise yourself with these entitlements and ensure your employer is providing them.
  • If you are moving to Christchurch without having secured employment it is recommended you engage the services of a recruitment agency.
  • A requirement agency will know exactly where the exciting jobs are, and how you can get them as an expat in Christchurch.
  • Most recruitment agencies will have access to jobs that won’t be advertised because of their many good relationships with top employers.
  • Construction and engineering are the two major fields that are in demand in the city, and many foreign workers have found good jobs as there aren’t enough locals to fulfil the demand. Close second is real estate and property, with healthcare workers, information technology, and communications being growing markets.
Recruitment for expats establishing a business in Christchurch
  • New Zealand has comprehensive employment laws which entitles employees to certain minimum entitlements. Familiarise yourself with these entitlements when making employment offers.
  • Alternatively, you can seek the services of a professional recruitment provider that can advise or introduce legal providers to draft employment contracts.
  • If you are moving key employees to Christchurch to work in your business be sure you are aware of the entitlements for foreign employees.
  • The labour market is very competitive in Christchurch, to secure good candidates it is recommended you employ the services of a recruitment agency.
  • A recruitment agency can find, screen and organise interviews with candidates and provide invaluable local employment insights including salary guidance.

Download the Recruitment Christchurch Chapter

The Recruitment Christchurch Chapter written by Matt Jones, Canstaff, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Recruitment in Christchurch.


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