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Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP

Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP is an innovative and dynamic law firm that prides itself on delivering high-quality, value-based legal solutions with creativity, efficiency and price-certainty.

With a team of lawyers from prominent international firms and a wealth of experience under their belt, Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP is an excellent choice for your personal and corporate legal needs.

Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP assists expats moving to Hong Kong by offering:

  • Legal advice
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution
  • Company restructuring and insolvency
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Brett Stewien
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Legal for Expats in Hong Kong

Expats moving to Hong Kong will need to keep several aspects of the legal system in mind. The country has a unique “one country, two systems” legal system that is distinct from that of China’s and will remain so until 2047.

Legal tips you should know as an expat in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong law is made up of English common law, which has been developed over many years of local court cases and legislations.
  • Employment law is one of the less regulated jurisdictions and is itself covered by the “Employment Ordinance” – something that provides basic rights and protections to all employees, both local and expat, working in the city.
  • You may want to keep in mind that leave and certain benefits are at the lower end. Workers are entitled to one rest day per week, a minimum of 7 days of annual leave (which increases each year, up to max of 14), and you can take sick leave if you have enough sick leave days. You are entitled to two paid sick days a month for your first year of employment and four afterwards, for which you need to produce a medical certificate.
  • If you plan to purchase assets in Hong Kong as an expat, you will need to make a Will in Hong Kong, as the one from your home country may not be considered legally valid.
Legal for expats establishing a business in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong has been ranked among one of the easiest cities to do business in and the government has encouraged investment particularly from SMEs. Before you embark on establishing your business be sure that you check if you need a special licence to operate.
  • When establishing your business it is advisable that you seek the services of a corporate law provider to assist in the drafting of contracts particularly business structuring and employment contracts.

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