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Established in 2013,  Educatus assists families to navigate and understand the education system and the various admissions processes in the UK.

Educatus provides services to relocations companies and corporate sectors, as well as private individuals relocating to London with children needing schooling.

Educatus advises expats moving to London in:

  • Nursery or childcare search
  • School search
  • Unaccompanied full school placement
  • International education consultation
  • Private schooling admission and registration
  • School visits
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Sarah Teasdale
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Education for Expats in London

Finding and choosing a school for your children can be the main priority for parents moving to a new city. Getting help with searching for schools in your desired locations, arranging school visits, admission interviews and assessments can make your transition more seamless.

Key education tips you should know as an expat in London
  • In the UK, starting education is compulsory for children ages five to six.
  • The school year in the UK usually starts from September to July. The main breaks are in December, March or April, and July or August.
  • After completing their General Certificate of Secondary Educations (GCSE), students have the option of finishing their schooling. If they wish to continue, they can go further for another two years to study for A-levels. A-levels or Advanced Level qualifications are subject-based qualifications in the UK that are taken in a span of 2 years so students can be qualified to enter higher education institutions
  • There is a wide range of choices for international schools in London. You can find bilingual schools, which can be helpful for expat students because they can practice their mother-tongue literacy skills. Some international schools also offer a similar syllabus to the expat student’s home country. 
  • Schooling in the UK is very good, but it is good to understand the different types of schooling options available to you. Some options that you can choose from are state or public schools, private schools, international schools, tutoring, and special-needs education.
  • Look for general information online about the schools situated in the area you are moving to. It will be helpful to know the schools’ admission process and check your child’s eligibility to enrol. 
  • It is always best to have an educational consultant work with you, before you make the move, and more importantly before you find your property. Education for expat children is one of the main concerns of expat families and finding a good school ahead of time can help make your move seamless. 

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