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Charles Russell Speechlys

Headquartered in London, Charles Russell Speechlys offers expat clients a broad range of skills and experience across the full spectrum of business and personal legal needs.

The firm is known for its considered and personal approach which is recognised as a refreshing alternative to conventional business law firms by many major corporates and institutions.

Charles Russell Speechlys assists expats in:

  • Personal and business legal services
  • Litigation & dispute resolution
  • Real estate legal services
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Kelvin Tanner
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Legal for Expats in London

The judiciary system in the UK is known for being one of the fairest and most effective. Needless to say that the legal industry in London is well established and has acted as an integral part of London’s professional life for many centuries. Thus, if you’re looking to make London your home you can rest assured that you’ll be living in a fully regulated city with well functional regulations.

Key legal tips you should know as an expat in London

  • As an expat working for a UK company, your rights and obligations are regulated under UK employment law. 
  • Within the UK, most employment disputes are resolved by the tribunal but to ensure your case is properly presented you should consider having professional representation to ensure you obtain the best result. 
  • There are a number of options for owning a property in the UK, each comes with its implications in legal and tax matters. It’s best to seek professional advice to decide which option suits you best.
  • If your existing Will is validly executed in the country where it’s made, it should be recognised and enforced in the UK.

Legal for expats establishing a business in London

  • It’s best to seek legal advice when establishing your business in London in order to ensure it is set-up with an appropriate legal structure.
  • The two most common business types in the UK are Sole Trader and Limited Company.
  • A reputable legal advisor will draft your employment contracts corresponding to all UK employment law requirements, including terms and conditions for employees, as well as minimum wages and holidays.

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