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Pet Moving

Starwood Animal Transport

In business for over 30 years, Starwood Animal Transport offers full pet relocation services ensuring that families stay together, no matter where their lives take them.

Their dedication to making your pet as comfortable as possible is an added bonus, making them a great choice for any expat that wants to bring their fur babies with them when they move.

Starwood Animal Transport offers:

  • Door to door pet transport
  • Assistance with health certificate and other travel documents
  • Pet protection plan
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Nick Foden - Ellis

Mick Foden-Ellis explains how Starwood can help relocate your pet to London.

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Pet Moving for Expats in London

Let’s face it, your pet is family. So, when you move to another country, you want to bring them with you. And while it is not a straightforward matter, Starwood Animal Transport can make sure that the process is as smooth as possible for you.

Most countries have laws when it comes to moving pets, and London is no exception. So there are a few things to keep in mind.

Key pet moving tips you should know as an Expat in London
  • Make sure to get your pet a current health certificate and rabies vaccination from a licensed vet before you travel.
  • When your pet is travelling, they will need a good-sized kennel so that they are as comfortable as possible, and any professional pet mover will provide one for you.
  • Your pet relocation expert should make sure that you have fulfilled all the legal paperwork needed to get your pet into your new country.
  • Most airlines will only accept pets from professional pet movers, and certain countries require your pet to be transported by a mover.
  • Pet movers will usually offer to house your pet until it is time for them to be transported, meaning that you can go on ahead to get things ready ahead of time.

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