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If you’re looking for a top-quality recruitment provider in London, Canstaff has you covered.

Offering global recruitment and staffing services in the Construction, Engineering, Civil Construction, Logistics, and Manufacturing sectors, they are an ideal choice for expats living in or moving to London.

Delivering excellent customer service, Canstaff will familiarise you with latest trends in the job market while guiding you through the entire recruitment process.

Canstaff assists expats in:

  • Construction and engineering recruitment
  • Labour hire solutions 
  • Rebuild jobs, staff and personnel
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Matt Jones
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Recruitment for Expats in London

London is an expat’s paradise for a good reason. Its open economy, excellent infrastructure, and wide range of job opportunities make it an ideal choice for anyone. London offers abundant employment opportunities, especially in some of the growing sectors such as banking and finance, healthcare and scientific research, engineering, etc.

Key recruitment tips you should know as an expat in London
  • While London has a vast number of job opportunities, there is stiff competition, so you may want to secure a job before moving.
  • Most jobs are in the service industry, with the dominant one being finance. Other prominent industries include media, the creative industry, some of the world’s leading advertising agencies, and technology.
  • The recruitment process is usually incredibly fair, with a market that is based on equal opportunities for everyone. Having your foot in the door is a plus, which is where a recruitment agency can give you an advantage.
  • Those working in London also get access to a range of employment benefits, including statutory sick pay, which requires employers to pay you if you’re unable to work for more than four days and less than 28 weeks. Others include maternity leave and a right to annual leave of at least 5.6 weeks.
Recruitment for expats establishing a business in London
  • When employing staff in London it is advisable that you familiarise yourself with the UK’s comprehensive employment laws which entitles employees to certain minimum entitlements.
  • Alternatively, you can employ the services of a recruitment provider that can help you navigate the employment market and provide guidance on employment conditions.
  • Recruitment providers have access to a large base of potential candidates to draw on to make securing that key employee easier.
  • A recruitment agency can find, screen and organise interviews with candidates and provide invaluable local employment insights including salary guidance.


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