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Macpherson Kelley

Macpherson Kelley is a commercial law firm dedicated to delivering exceptional value to expats by providing direct and succinct guidance while always putting clients first.

With their breadth of industry experience and highly professional legal experts, Macpherson Kelley is the perfect choice for your legal advisory needs in Melbourne.

Macpherson Kelley assists expats in:

  • Establishing a business in Australia
  • Compliance with consumer and privacy laws
  • Labour and employment contracts
  • Migration law and other legal arrangements
  • Transfer pricing
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James Sturgess
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Legal for Expats in Melbourne

Australia is among the most regulated countries in the world. It can be challenging for expats moving to Melbourne to navigate through the complex laws and regulations involved in employment or setting up a business. So, it is a good idea to engage in the services of a trusted legal advisor to help you smoothly navigate the local regulations while in Melbourne.

Key legal tips you should know as an expat in Melbourne

  • Australia has a unique employment system which includes statutory superannuation (pension) payments. It’s best to have your employment contract reviewed by a lawyer to ensure it’s in compliance with the employment law in Australia. 
  • It’s highly advisable to seek the services of a reputable legal advisor to take care of your migration, visa and residential matters and help you smoothly navigate the Australian legal system.
  • Your foreign Will may not be legally effective in Australia, therefore carefully check this ahead of your move and prepare a new will once you arrive in Melbourne.
  • It’s recommended to consider replacing your pre-existing foreign power of attorney with an Australian power of attorney.
  • When signing a property contract, or other legal forms in Melbourne, make sure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities, and it’s best to have it reviewed by a solicitor before signing.
  • If you have a foreign pre-nuptial agreement do not assume it will automatically operate in Australia.

Legal for expats establishing a business in Melbourne

  • If you are moving over to Australia to run a company, you may be the sole resident director of the company in Australia. It’s important to have a trustful legal partner to advise you on personal liability with respect to taxation, health and safety, environmental breaches, serious corporate failings and the like.
  • Depending on the visa that you have been granted when moving to Melbourne you may or may not be eligible to establish a new company in Australia. 
  • In case if you are not eligible to establish a company you need to seek the services of a professional who regularly acts in this capacity. A reputable commercial legal firm will put you in touch with a respective professional.
  • An experienced legal firm will make sure your company in Melbourne is compliant with consumer and privacy laws by advising you on Terms of Conditions of Trade and credit applications as well as advertising material, labelling and food regulation requirements and handling privacy obligations to keep information secure.

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