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Mexico City, the Megalopolis of Mexico has a personality that is enchanting beyond imagination. The city brims with a rich history, magnificent architecture, incredible art and museums, infinite entertainment, and is home to some of the best street food.

As one of the world’s major economies and a key financial and cultural powerhouse of Latin America, this megacity is home to a sizable community of expats coming from all around the world.

To help you move and settle into your new home city, we have assembled a team of handpicked and stingingly vetted service providers that specialise in assisting expats living in Mexico City.

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Top 5 tips for expats moving to Mexico City

With a great climate, delicious food, welcoming locals and a pristine location surrounded by water, Mexico City is just another attractive landing spot for many expats.

Below are the top 5 insider tips for expats moving to Mexico City

Finding a place to live
Accommodation in Mexico City is relatively cheap but limited in supply. Due to high crime rates in some neighbourhoods, it’s best to do your research in order to avoid these areas. There are a number of popular areas among expats which are highly secure and close to international schools.

Getting around Mexico City
The city offers an extensive public transport network. It includes a metro network, bus, trolleybus services, as well as Metrobus. Riding a car is also an option as long as you acquire Mexican insurance. However, traffic congestion is among the world’s worst and it is advisable that you live close to where you work to avoid long commute times.

Access to healthcare
Your health is in capable hands in Mexico. The Mexico City is home to some of the finest medical institutions in the country, both in the private and public sector. Most expats in Mexico City seek out a private healthcare plan which grants them access to high-quality services and some special treatments.

Cost of living
One of the perks of living in Mexico City is affordability. The local market offers fresh and high-quality products at lower prices. Rent, utilities and cafes aren’t expensive either. Thus, expats generally enjoy a higher living standard while living in Mexico City.

Learn Some Spanish
Even though English is commonly used especially in the professional environment, learning some Spanish will definitely be handy. A basic command of Spanish will help you quickly integrate into the community and enjoy the city to the fullest.

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