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Moving to Nairobi

The economic, political and cultural heart of East Africa, Nairobi boasts a strong economy and many opportunities for families and professionals. Expats are increasingly choosing to relocate to Nairobi and take advantage of this growing city.

To help you move and settle into your new home city, we have assembled a team of handpicked and stingingly vetted service providers that specialise in assisting expats living in Nairobi.

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Top 5 tips for expats moving to Nairobi

A cosmopolitan city with beautiful surrounding beaches and wildlife, Nairobi offers an experience like no other city.

Below are the top 5 insider tips for expats moving to Nairobi.

Finding a place to live
The areas favoured by expats are the affluent Westlands and Karen. Both have a growing expat community which you will quickly become a part of. Karen is popular for expats living in Nairobi for many years, while Westlands attracts a larger international community.

Getting around Nairobi
It is advisable that you invest in a car. The driving rules in Nairobi, may be different to what you are accustomed to, in that there are few rules. A four-wheel drive is recommended as the bigger the car you drive the more likely you are to win any on-road battles. It will also come in handy when venturing off-road on safari.

Be mindful of security
Expats moving to Nairobi may find the focus on security a little daunting at first, but like with any move, the more you get to know the city the more confident you will be. It is advisable that you choose a property that is secure and detracts stranger from entering the premises. Many expats choose to hire a night guard to watch the house at night.

Access to healthcare
Expats moving to Nairobi choose to take out private healthcare cover. The larger expat areas cater to expats through well established private hospitals.

Buy some candles
Expats in Nairobi have advised that the power and lightening is temperamental at times. To avoid being left in the dark, you should invest in some candle.

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