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Robert Wang & Woo

If you’re looking for cost-effective, expert legal advice and solutions, you need to look no further than Robert Wang & Woo.

As true leaders in their industry, they provide expats with a comprehensive range of professional legal solutions in a cost-effective and professional manner.

Robert Wang & Woo assists expat clients in the following main areas, namely:

  • Business legal services
  • Litigation & dispute resolution
  • Real estate legal services
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Yoga Vyjayanthimala
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Legal for Expats in Singapore

Singapore is a well run and efficient country with a well-enforced legal system that has been designed to safeguard its citizens and its environment. The legal system is based on English common law, seeing as it is a former British colony. The rules and regulations are equally applied to all citizens, whether being a Singaporean national, expat or tourist.

Key legal tips you should know as an expat in Singapore
  • Getting a will made in Singapore is fairly easy, and it is recommended for expats living in Singapore for a foreseeable time.
  • The requirements of a will in Singapore are that it must be in writing, the testator must be over 21 years of age, they must sign at the bottom of the will, said signature needs to be witnessed by 2 or more witnesses, and those two witnesses cannot be beneficiaries
  • You can include your overseas assets in your Singapore will without having to create a separate will for each country. A lawyer will be able to advise you on how this can be achieved.
Legal for expats establishing a business in Singapore
  • A law firm in Singapore can help you if you wish to set-up a business in the country, you will need an Employment Pass to do so.
  • An experienced law firm can help draft employment contracts for your business to ensure that your employees are looked after no matter if they are moving to Singapore or living locally.


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