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CST Tax Advisors

CST Tax Advisors provides International tax advice and tax compliance services for Global Expats and International Private Enterprises.

Whether you are an expat moving to Singapore or an International Enterprise establishing a Singapore subsidiary, our team of tax specialists and Chartered Accountants can assist your move to Asia while ensuring we integrate with your home country taxation requirements.

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Boon Tan
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Personal Tax for Expats in Singapore

Being ranked second by the World Bank’s measure for ease of doing business and recognised as a banking capital, Singapore is a popular destination for expats.

The tax treatment of an expat’s personal income requires consideration for those expats who travel to Singapore for work reasons. The first matter to consider is whether an expat will be regarded as a Singapore tax resident.

Singapore has a progressive tax system.

This means the more a person earns, the higher the rate of tax paid on their income. Resident tax rates vary from 2% to 20%. A non-resident pays tax at a flat rate of 15% or the progressive resident tax rate, whichever is the higher.

Tax is paid on “chargeable” income. This is the total income earnt, less qualified expenses and donations paid to qualified charitable organisations. A Singapore tax resident is also entitled to
deduct “personal” reliefs, such as eligible course fees, earned income relief and parental relief.

The expert assistance and advice of a qualified Singapore tax accountant and advisor is strongly suggested to an expat who will be working in Singapore.

Our E-team member specialises in international tax issues and will be able to assist any expat with expert advice.

Download the Personal Tax Singapore Chapter

The Personal Taxes Singapore Chapter written by Boon Tan, CST Tax Advisors, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Personal Taxes in Singapore.


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