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If you’re looking for professional recruitment services that are tailored to suit your needs, you need to look no further than Canstaff.

They offer global recruitment and staffing services in the Construction, Engineering, Civil Construction, Logistics, and Manufacturing sectors, and have offices in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the UK, and others.

Canstaff assists expats in:

  • Recruitment services
  • Job search
  • Employment management 
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Lisa Miodragovic
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Recruitment for Expats in Sydney

As one of Australia’s most exciting cities, Sydney provides expats with a range of new and exciting job opportunities. It’s best to start looking for employment opportunities before you arrive and enlist the help of a recruitment agency to help you secure a job best matching your career goals.

Key recruitment tips you should know as an expat in Sydney 
  • Sydney is full of opportunities for expats, but certain factors like not having worked in Australia before or English not being your native language may impede your progress.
  • Most jobs are in the financial or insurance services, with a close second being in the healthcare, retail, or manufacturing industries.
  • Average income in Sydney tends to be high, but it is countered by a high cost of living, with Sydney being ranked as the 29th most expensive city in the world in 2018.
  • Professional industries remunerate employees through a salary while the retail, hospitality, construction and logistics industries have a workforce on hourly rate payments.
  • Australia has minimum wage that applies and non-negotiable conditions available to all employees such as leave entitlements.
Recruitment for expats establishing a business in Sydney
  • Australia has comprehensive employment laws that require employers to provide certain benefits to employees including the superannuation guarantee.
  • There is shortage of skilled employees in certain industries including healthcare and IT which make it difficult to attract good staff.
  • It is recommended businesses seek the services of a recruitment agency who can undertake most of the tasks required to recruit new staff including screening applications, first round interviews and salary negotiation.
  • A recruitment agency will also be in a position to advise of the local conditions that need to be met by employers and provide introductions to other professionals to assist with drafting of employment contracts.

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