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Relocation & Shipping

Nuss Removals

Established in the 1970s, Nuss Removals is truly a real pioneer in the Relocations and Removals industry.

Placing very high regard on service quality, reliability and passion, they have been providing outstanding removal services for decades and are a founder member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association).

Nuss Removals assists expats in:

  • International relocation services
  • Shipping of household goods 
  • Home and school search
E-Team Member Contact:
Nigel Saunders
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Relocation & Shipping for Expats in Sydney

Australia has very strict quarantine and customs laws. When moving your possessions be sure to gain an understanding of the restrictions or engage a professional removals company that can help you navigate the customs rules.

Key relocation & shipping tips you should know as an expat in Sydney
  • Your chosen Specialist Moving Company will help you navigate through the paperwork and permits required. They will also highlight the Australian Customs and Quarantine regulations.
  • Quarantine laws are extremely strict to protect the country from plant and animal diseases that could be imported on or with household items or personal belongings.
  • Be aware that your shipment must be cleared by both Customs and Quarantine before delivery can be arranged.
  • Keep in mind any household goods or personal items owned for less than 12 months prior to moving may be subject to Duty /Service tax (GST). It’s advisable to keep receipts and invoices to show values involved.
  • Items assessed for duty/GST, payment must be made to Customs prior to the release of your belongings.
  • It’s worth noting, any household or personal items deemed to be contaminated, will be fumigated, steam-cleaned, gamma-irradiated or destroyed. This will incur a fee.
  • If you plan to bring the family car, new or second-hand, a permit will be needed and paperwork must be completed prior to shipping. Otherwise it may be rejected, whereby you will need to cover the re-export costs and possible fines.
  • It’s worth bearing in mind the importance of considering Transit Insurance. There are inherent risks involved when moving. Having that coverage will provide peace of mind while your belongings are in transit or in storage.

Download the Relocation & Shipping Sydney Chapter

The Relocation & Shipping Sydney Chapter written by Nigel Saunders, Nuss Removals, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Relocations in Sydney.


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