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Visa Executive

When it comes to getting a visa to move to Sydney, Visa Executive has got you covered!

Visa Executive is an Australian based immigration consultancy who employs an expert team of migration agents that have a wealth of experience in helping expats to seamlessly relocate to Australia by effectively managing their visa application processes.

Visa Executive is here to support you with:
  • Consultation on Immigration to Sydney
  • Consultation on visa pathways
  • Preparation, collation and submission of visa applications
E-Team Member Contact:
Amanda Tinner
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Visas & Immigration for Expats in Sydney

As an expat moving to Sydney you will be surprised to see the big community of expats from all corners of the world living in the city. Additionally, there is a comprehensive infrastructure designed to help newcomers integrate into their new life in Sydney.

Key Visa & Immigration tips you should know as an expat in Sydney
  • There are many types of visas that expats moving to Sydney are entitled to apply for. In order to understand which visa is most appropriate for you, it is recommended you consult a trusted immigration consultant.
  • A reputable immigration consultant will not just help you figure out the best visa for you but help you get through the whole visa application process and provide additional advice on other matters such as visa extension if necessary.
  • It’s important to secure a job offer before applying for a visa to work in Sydney. Depending on the type of visa, sponsorship might be required from a local company confirming your employment offer in Sydney.
  • One of the most common work visas for expats is the temporary skilled visa which is provided for up to 4 years. In order to satisfy the requirements for this visa type, you have to prove that you’re a skilled professional and local applicants cannot fill the position.
Visa & Immigration for expats establishing a business in Sydney
  • If you are planning to set-up your company in Sydney one of your main considerations will be determining which visa type is suited for your situation.
  • Among the many visa types, the Business Skills Migration visas are the most common for high-level executives, business owners and investors.
  • A trusted immigration specialist will help you make an informed decision on possible visa pathways for your business and further advise you on future steps to secure a permanent visa.

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