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Moving to Sydney

The Northern part of Sydney is home to a stunning stretch of pristine coastlines and hilly suburbs and it’s known for its laid back and affluent lifestyle.

To help you move and settle into your new home city, we have assembled a team of handpicked and stingingly vetted service providers that specialise in assisting expats living in Sydney.


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Top 5 tips for expats moving to Sydney

From breath-taking shores, immense greenery to vibrant open-air festivals and live events the lifestyle choices in Northern Sydney are abundant.

Below are the top 5 insider tips for expats moving to Sydney

Finding a place to live

Northern Sydney offers a rich selection of properties to choose from. The properties are large and come with lots of wide-open spaces. Manly and Warringah suburbs are very popular among expat families as they are close to a number of Sydney’s top private and public schools.

Getting around Sydney

Public transport is very well organised with regular bus, train and ferry services in operation. Driving is also a good way to get around the area. There are also ferries available around the northern beaches that link the beaches or islands.

Access to healthcare

As a citizen, you get access to Australia’s Medicare system which provides mostly free healthcare services. It is advisable that you check whether you will be able to access the healthcare system based on your visa type. To avoid long waiting lists many expats prefer to take out private health cover.

Cost of living

Although salaries in Sydney are the highest in the country, the cost of living is also comparatively high. A large contributor to this is housing and if you are willing to live further from the centre your household income will go further.

Experience the beaches of Northern Sydney

The beaches in Northern Sydney are a year-round go-to. There is a wide range of activities you can do, from relaxing under the palm trees, surfing the waves, to snorkelling the waters of marine areas.

Meet your Sydney Team Group Leaders

Matthew Marcarian

Having lived in Singapore as an expat for 5 years, Matt knows firsthand what is involved in moving to a new city with a family.

His role as a Co Group leader of our Sydney E-Team is to ensure your move to Sydney is pain-free and easy.

Matt is here to help you get in touch with reputable service providers while you are in Sydney.


Nigel Saunders

Nigel understands the challenges expats encounter when moving to Sydney. 

Drawing on his years of experience at the relocation industry helping expats move internationally, he is uniquely positioned to assist you in your move and with settling into your new life in Sydney.

As our Sydney E-Team Co-leader, Nigel can connect you with other E-Team members and introduce you to favourite expat spots in Sydney.

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