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Visa & Immigration

Malcolm Pacific Immigration

When it comes to getting a visa to move to Wellington, Malcolm Pacific Immigration is an ideal choice.

They employ an experienced team of licensed immigration advisors in Wellington, and have been operating for more than 30 years.

Malcolm Pacific Immigration is here to support you with:
  • Consultation on visa pathways
  • Step by step support in the visa application process
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa for employees of companies relocating to Wellington
E-Team Member Contact:
Kiron Andrew
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Visas & Immigration for Expats in Wellington

Moving to Wellington you will not only enjoy the quirky cafes, award-winning restaurants, and good coffee but you will also find yourself surrounded by a community of expats living and working in the city.

Key Visa & Immigration tips you should know as an expat in Wellington 
  • It is advised to seek the services of a trusted licensed immigration advisor. They will provide the specialist knowledge and expertise to secure your visa.
  • You need to secure your visa before you relocate to Willington. The visa application is usually a lengthy process, and best handled by an immigration specialist. 
  • Before applying for a work visa, it is recommended to find a job that complies with New Zealand employment regulations. In some cases, your employer will be required to prove there are no locals available to fill the role. 
Visa & Immigration for expats establishing a business in Wellington 
  • If you are a company looking to set-up an office in Wellington be aware that your employees may need a work visa if they are going to handle the business. It is highly recommended to discuss your business case with a visa specialist before starting the business establishment process.
  • It is very competitive to obtain the Entrepreneur Visa in New Zealand because of the requirements that need to be satisfied. Seeking the support of a reputable visa advisor will assist you by consulting possible immigration pathways and will increase your chances of getting a visa.

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