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Kehrli + Oeler

Kehrli + Oeler was founded in 1904 in the Swiss Capital Bern by Mr. Kehrli and Mr. Oeler. The company specialises in all moving activities from local private and office moves, warehouse solutions to worldwide moving and consultation for private customers and account guided expats.

Their experience and worldwide network can be advantageous to all your moving needs. 

Kehrli + Oeler assists expats in:

  • Local and international moving
  • Relocation and settle-in assistance
  • Shipping of household and office goods
E-Team Member Contact:
Angela Mirams
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Shipping for Expats in Zurich

When moving to Zurich, it is better that you seek assistance rather than organizing everything on your own. Switzerland is a great expat destination so moving services is readily available. The moving process is easy but take note that there’s a good amount of paperwork that you’d need to work on. 

Key shipping tips you should know as an expat in Zurich
  • The execution of a professional, international move is an art. It is important for it to be coordinated by an experienced partner.
  • Invest some time upfront and save time-consuming misunderstandings during the process of moving or after your belongings have arrived in Zurich.
  • Professional packing is key, it’s a long journey and your “home” goes through many hands. Make sure your belongings are packed safely and accordingly.
Moving for expats establishing a business in Zurich
  • Prepare all paperwork at hand and have all clarifications ready before your actual move to avoid any delays or conflicts. 
  • To avoid paying import tax, you would need to prove that the items that you are bringing with you have been used for at least the last six months. 
  • When you move to Zurich, it is important that you can justify that the items you are bringing with you are your personal belongings and are not items for sale. This is so you can experience minimal restrictions when it comes to custom allowances. 

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