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The Expatland Global Network makes life easier for expats on the move through our E-Teams.

E-Teams are groups of vetted professionals that help you move and settle in to the city you are moving to.

We have E-Teams around the world.

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Expatland, the e-book, is essential reading if you are planning to move overseas to live and work. The e-book explores:

1. How to think about being an expat
2. What to do when you get there
3. Which elements to prioritise
4. The strategies to implement
5.  Making your journey to Expatland more fun, exciting and less stressful…


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If you need assistance moving overseas and getting in contact with trustworthy service providers in the city you are moving or have recently arrived to, our Expatland Concierge Team are here to help!

Complete the Departure or Arrival Questionnaire and our Expatland Concierge Team will introduce you to service providers you need in the city you are moving or recently arrived to.

Best of all, our service providers have been stringently vetted to ensure they provide a quality service to expats on the move.

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Make your move stress free and easy with the Expat Move Planner.


The Expat Move Planner helps expats who are moving to a new city.

It will help you plan the key tasks you need to do before, during and after your move.

Designed to take the stress out of planning your move, it guides you step by step through the essentials of moving.

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