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If you are passionate about providing services to expats moving to your city, then we invite you to apply to join our E-Team.


What is an E-Team?

Our E-Teams are our proactive way of solving the problems faced by ‘unsupported expats’ on the move. An ‘unsupported expat’ is an expat who is navigating the challenges of moving on their own.

Expatland’s passion is ‘making life easier for expats on the move’. We do this by bringing together like-minded service providers who are passionate about servicing the expat community and connecting them with expats within our network.

If you are interested in becoming an E-Team member, please register below.


Nick explains how his business helps expats moving their pets to London and how the Expatland Global Network has benefited Starwood Animal Transport Services.

Paula highlights how the Expatland Global Network has helped her clients moving to London.


What does Expatland do?

Expatland brings together teams of professionals that are focused on the migration industry and who are passionate about helping global expats settle into their new home city. We call them our E-Teams.

What are the benefits of being a member of my City's E-Team?

As an E-Team member, you will join a network of industry professionals who understand Expatland and the benefits of working with its citizens.

How can I be one of the E-Teams?

It's easy! Register your interest now and someone from our team will contact you.

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