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Legal for Expats Living in Hong Kong

When moving to Hong Kong, many aspects of its law and legal system may apply to an expat’s stay.

Hong Kong has its own legal system under the “one country, two systems “principle as distinct from the Law of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)”. The separation of the Hong Kong legal system from the PRC is guaranteed constitutionally until 2047.

Hong Kong law is made up of English common law, developed over the years in local court cases, and local legislation. Employment law in Hong Kong is less regulated than many other jurisdictions and is covered by the “Employment Ordinance”.

The Ordinance provides certain basic rights and protections for all employees and applies to local employees and expats working in Hong Kong.

If an expat is intending to purchase assets in Hong Kong, then the making of a will becomes an important consideration. Even if an expat has made a Will in their home country, it is important they consider making a will in Hong Kong as the will in the home country may not be considered legally valid in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong Will can make the disposal of the assets at death in line with an expat’s wishes and allow such disposal to be made effectively and efficiently.

An expat moving to Hong Kong should obtain the advice of a Hong Kong lawyer in relation to their legal enquiry.

Our E-Team member assists expats with all aspects of the Hong Kong legal system