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Immigration System in Australia


Immigration into Australia is mainly based on a system that aims to reinforce the national economy, through the acquisition of new labour skills, the promotion of foreign investments, as well as family reunions.

The Australian migration system is very complex, with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) representing the Government entity which selects the migrants.

There are currently 99 visas available, some of them temporary, some permanent, but each of them with different and very specific requirements.

The temporary and permanent migration programs allow people to enter Australia for a variety of reasons – such as tourism, study, short or long-term employment, business, and investment or to re-join and live with a family member.

Everyone is required to have a visa to enter Australia and this must be applied for prior to arrival. Most of the airline companies will not carry you if you do not have a visa.

Our guide, written by Emanuela Canini of Migration World will provide you with vital information required to navigate through the complex issues regarding the immigration process in Australia.

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