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John Marcarian

John Marcarian founded the Expatland Global Network in March 2018 and today we operate in more than 30 cities around the world with more on the way.

An expat himself John first moved out of Australia in 2004 to establish his international tax practice in Singapore.

John realised that for people on the move finding trusted service providers was a major challenge.

John’s vision of Expatland as the 5th largest country in the world evolved as a result of his own personal expat journey.

In 2015 John wrote the book on this expanding virtual country – Expatland – and presently many city specific versions of the book are being written for the rest of Expatland.

The cornerstone of the Expatland Global Network is an Expatland Team (or E-Team as we call it).  E-Teams comprise professionals who work together to help expats moving between cities.

To support business people and expats on the move – Expatland Global Network has formed an alliance with trusted partners Kreston Global and the Harmony Relocation Network

Together our three networks focus on helping those people at the centre of John’s business life – the global expat.

By working together our networks provide access to a full suite of service providers that are needed by people on the move.

Recently, John discussed the importance of cultural competence in international leadership on a podcast with Mike Paton from EOS.

Find out more about John in his detailed biography.