Foreign Exchange for Expats

Any Expat living overseas will at some point require to move funds from one country to the other. They will therefore need to engage in currency exchange.

Traditionally foreign exchange and international payments have been the domain of the banks.

However, in recent years, it is estimated that 14% of currency transfers and payments in UK are made via a non-bank foreign exchange company.

Such companies usually offer the best currency exchange rate on a UK currency transfer and payment.

However, it is important that, when considering using an international currency exchange dealer, to choose an established company which is licenced and recognised by the regulatory body in both countries.

The timing and speed at which the currency transfer will take place is also an important consideration.

A foreign exchange dealer may provide other currency services in relation to an expat’s foreign currency needs. A currency converter may provide “custom” currency rate notifications whereby an expat is notified of currency movements. A currency trader may also provide immediate access to current exchange rates, together with historical rates.

Our E-team member is a global FX provider and is a recognised leading currency authority. You can trust our E-team member to assist you with all your currency needs while living in London.

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Sable International

With 20 years of professional experience in providing private and corporate forex solutions, Sable International has built a reputation for exceptional service worldwide.

With great rates covering major global destinations, and with their quick and efficient process, Sable International makes money transfer anywhere around the world a breeze.

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