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Migration Cover

Providing you a range of insurance options, Migration Cover takes out the risk out of migrating. With specialization on Visa, Health and Travel Insurance, you are sure covered with their innovative packages.

Migration Cover not just assures you of your present but also your future by offering Income Protection packages for those who wants to be assured should any serious accident or illness arise.

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Chris Galway

Chris Galway of Migration Cover explains how his firm can help expats with migration insurance in London.

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Migration Insurance for Expats in London

Migration insurance is an important consideration for expats seeking to reduce the risk involved with overseas travel and have peace of mind.

Such insurance usually covers the risks associated to expat’s property whilst travelling and medical cover. Other risks covered by migration insurance would be unexpected travel and accommodation costs.

For example, should a family member be taken ill in an expat’s home country or elsewhere, migration insurance can cover the associated flight and accommodation costs involved with visiting such family member.

Migration insurance can also cover a situation where an expat unexpectedly loses their job in the UK and is therefore forced to leave. In such situation, all the travel costs, removal fees and associated early departure costs, such as the cost involved with “breaking” a fixed lease on rental property, will usually be covered.

An expat may not necessarily be covered by the public health system upon their arrival in London. Medical expenses can be very expensive in the case of an unforeseen accident or illness. Hence, health insurance is a matter which requires serious consideration.

Certain insurance brokers specialise in migration insurance and provide tailor made insurance policies to suit an expat’s individual circumstances. They can recommend the most prudent level of cover.

Our qualified and experienced E-Team member is able to advise you on all aspects of migration insurance cover.