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Starwood Animal Transport has been helping pet owners transport and move their pets since 1984.

With a goal to to make the trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible for your pets, there’s no better people to entrust them than Starwood Animal Transport.

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Nick Foden - Ellis

Mick Foden-Ellis explains how Starwood can help relocate your pet to London.

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Pet Movers for Expats Living in London

Most expats who own a pet consider them part of the family. As such, when they move from their home country the pet usually accompanies them.

Relocating a pet from one country to another is by no means a straightforward matter. Most countries have a set of laws which specify the legal requirements for relocation.

A current health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian is usually required. The transportation also requires a “proper” sized kennel, where the pet can stand and turn around comfortably during transportation. Professional pet movers are experts in the pet relocation process.

They are familiar with the legal requirements and paperwork needed in the relocating country together with the requirements of the airline to be used.

Certain airlines only accept animal shipments from professional pet movers. Also, certain airlines and countries do not accept pets as excess baggage travelling with the owner. Most are willing to transport pets via their cargo shipping office through a professional pet mover.

Most professional pet movers offer a boarding service, where a pet can board with them until a set future date when transportation can take place. Also, they can assist when a flight is cancelled, and mind the pet until the next available flight becomes available.

An expat wishing to relocate a pet would be well served in seeking the expertise and guidance of a professional pet mover.