If you are planning to make a move to London you need to apply for, and be granted, a UK visa. The type of UK visa that an expat applies for depends on why an expat is travelling to the UK and how long the expat wishes to remain.

For example, an expat travelling to London for work reasons will need to apply for a work visa. A UK work visa has 3 categories, being skilled, temporary or “high value” worker. When applying for a UK visa, an expat may consider using the services of a visa specialist or an immigration advisor.

An immigration specialist provides advice and a range of services on all matters to do with immigration to the UK. They deal with matters such as obtaining a visa, obtaining a work permit, residence, nationality and obtaining UK citizenship.

These are all areas where an expat may find the need for professional and specialist expertise and advice. An immigration agent understands the UK visa process and how to best negotiate such process. They can also assist should an expat seek to engage in extending a UK Visa.

An expat should consider the level of advice they are likely to need and request a schedule of fees and costs and an estimate of the likely costs from the advisor.

Visa Advice

Over 30 years in the industry, Visa Advice has the most substantial visa kits certified by solicitors to obtain your visa, residency, or citizenship. From the most basic case to the most complex ones, Visa Advice has all you need to be educated on how to successfully get approved without burning your pockets.

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