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McRae Property Joins Expatland’s Melbourne E-Team


Leading buyer advocacy firm McRae Property has joined The Expatland Global Network. The firm will provide property advice to the Melbourne E-Team’s clients.

McRae Property has acquired both residential and commercial properties for a wide range of investors and owner-occupiers, based both locally and overseas and across all price ranges.

The firm understands that buying the right property at the right price is what this whole process is about. McRae believes honesty, trust, good communication, and a common thought process are essential for a beneficial outcome.

The Expatland Global Network is made up of Expatland Teams (‘E -Teams). Operating at a city level, they have essential local knowledge and insight. They cut through complexity and drill down to the issues that are relevant to specific locations.

John Marcarian, founder of the Expatland Global Network, says, “We are pleased to have McRae Property join us and believe they will be a key member of our Melbourne E-Team.”

John Sommers, Director & Certified Practising Valuer, McRae Property, comments, “We can see the potential and strengths of the Expatland Global Network, which will enable us to expand our business in the right way.  Our extensive knowledge in the property industry spans from 1965 and believe we can add real value to expats coming to Melbourne.”

 ‘Expatland’ origins

Expatland began as a book, written in 2015 by John Marcarian, as a result of John’s personal expat journey. Its focus was to help expats plan their move overseas.

E-Teams around the globe

The Expatland book was just the start. To solve the problem of lack of support for would-be expats, John has launched the Expatland Global Network in 2018.

The Network is expanding rapidly. There are now E-Teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Prague, Budapest, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. With best-in-practice members recognising the importance of this service, many more will follow.

Businesses interested in joining an E-Team in their city can get in touch with Expatland: