Moving to Melbourne

Welcome to Melbourne – we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a team of service providers that will look after you in Melbourne.

Each of our providers has been handpicked and stringently vetted to ensure they provide the best quality service.


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5 Tips About Melbourne

Here are 5 tips expats moving to Melbourne should know:

You are required by law to provide your Tax File Number (TFN) to your employer to receive a salary. You can apply for your TFN once you land in Australia.

Expats are advised to apply for Medicare once landed in Melbourne. Medicare provides fee-free medical services to Australian residents.

Myki is a prepaid card you will need to access the public transport system in Melbourne including the tram system.

Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia, but be prepared to shop before 6pm as most stores are closed after this time.

GOOD coffee is like a religion to Melbournians.

Meet your Melbourne Team Leader

George Georgiou

George has many years of experience as a corporate advisor, growth specialist and solution provider. He holds a number of company director and advisory positions. His broad knowledge and experience allow him to provide valuable guidance to expat moving to Melbourne.

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