Life Insurance

An expat seeking peace of mind and security needs to consider the various personal risk insurance options available.

Life insurance provides for a lump sum to be paid in the event of a person’s death.

When applying for life insurance, questions will be asked by the insurer about an expat’s age, health and lifestyle and other matters. It is important that these questions be answered accurately, otherwise a claim may be denied.

Life insurance quotes vary and are determined by a number of factors, such as the amount of cover required, the number of persons covered by the policy and the current state of health of the person(s) covered.

Another form of insurance to cover personal risk is total and permanent disability insurance.

This provides for a lump sum to be paid when a person is diagnosed as permanently ill and will not return to work. The lump sum benefit paid is often used to eliminate debts, pay for medical expenses or fund permanent lifestyle changes.

Other forms of personal risk that an expat can insure for are income protection, which provides a monthly benefit amount to be paid in cases  of illness, injury and disability and trauma and critical insurance, which provides for a lump sum to be paid when a critical illness, such as cancer , stroke or a heart attack are diagnosed.

The advice and guidance of a qualified and licensed insurance professional is suggested when considering personal risk insurance to cater  for the individual needs and circumstances of an expat’s personal risk.

JP & JP Financial Services

JP & JP Financial Services provides personalised advice tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and goals.

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