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Offering tailored solutions to your financial individual situations, AUS Finance Group covers from your investment and property development funding to commercial and residential lending.

They’ve got two teams to cater to your specific needs (i.e. Mortgage Finance Team and Property & Investment Team) making sure you are prioritized.

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Mortgages for Expats Living in Melbourne

Each year many expats make the move to Melbourne. After moving to Melbourne, an expat may consider buying a home.

Buying a home usually requires comparing a multitude of home loan offers from the major Australian banks. However the majority of real estate finance is provided by mortgage brokers and not the Australian banks directly.

An expat mortgage takes various forms depending on the “vehicle” the expat chooses to borrow (individual, company, trust) and the various mortgage products. Mortgage lenders offer various mortgage finance products, such as “interest only” loans or “principal and interest” loans.

An expat may consider obtaining a foreign currency loan in Australia. This happens when the expat borrows from an offshore lender to buy Australian real estate in that lender’s currency.

Such loans can offer attractive interest rates when compared to Australian interest rates but carry the risk of adverse currency movements. Should the Australian dollar value move adversely against the borrowed currency, then the repayments and the loan increases accordingly.

It is strongly advised that you engage the services of a specialist mortgage broker when considering buying real estate in Melbourne.

Our E-Team member are well-qualified brokers and lending specialists who can provide proper advice and guidance.

Download the Mortgages Melbourne Chapter

The Mortgages Melbourne Chapter written by Matthew Ciavarella, AUS Finance Group, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Mortgages in Melbourne.


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