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An expat moving to Melbourne may consider buying real estate either to live in or as an
investment. When deciding to purchase real estate an expat may consider using the services of a buyer’s agent.

A buyer’s agent finds, vets and purchases a property on a person’s behalf. There are a number of reasons why using the services of a buyer’s agent makes good sense. Buyer’s agents are experienced professionals in real estate.

They know what to look for in a property and what enquiries to make. They add an experienced professional layer to the buying process which is detached, hence taking the emotion out of the decision making process.

In addition, buyer’s agents have specialised local knowledge and will often know the difference between a shrewd investment and an overpriced property based on such knowledge. Any recommendations made will be based on a reasoned and researched opinion. Buying real estate can be busy work. There are inspections and meetings to attend, emails to be read and sent and fine details to attend to.

A buyer’s agent can attend to all of this for you, contacting you only when needed. This allows you to best utilise your time. Buyer’s agents also bring the other professionals involved in the purchase together, such as the conveyancer, bank or finance broker and the representatives of the vendor.  They coordinate the purchase of the property to ensure the process runs smoothly to completion.

Expatland’s E-Team member is an exceptional property service provider whose first and only priority is to find the right property for you.

McRae Property Melbourne Pty Ltd

Headed by two highly competent and licensed property valuation and real estate agents with over 60 years of combined valuation experience, McRae Property Melbourne commits to providing property valuation advice that’s accurately based on current fair market value.

With proven systematic approach and strategies, they have established and maintained high quality valuation service standard delivered in a thorough, professional and friendly manner.

If you want to make sure that you’re getting precise and updated value for you’re a property, there’s no better firm than McRae Property Melbourne

To know more about McRae Property Melbourne, please see the contact details below;

Contact Person: John Sommers



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