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Leyland Private Asset Management

Leyland Private Asset Management manages investment portfolios on behalf of family offices, high net worth individuals, professionals, business owners and self-managed super funds. Leyland is trusted and confidential advisers to their clients with relationships built over a long period of time.

Being a privately owned, boutique firm, Leyland’s clients have ensured a personal relationship and premium service with investment portfolios individually tailored to their unique requirements.

Leyland’s long-term competitive investment outperformance can largely be attributed to following the fundamental tenets of value investing

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Peter Cohen
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Superannuation and Wealth for Expats Living in Melbourne

An expat moving to Melbourne will at some stage turn their mind to their superannuation and wealth management requirements and needs.

When choosing a superannuation and wealth management advisor, an expat should choose an advisor who will help with the setting of financial goals and create a plan to achieve them. In addition, a superannuation and wealth management advisor should have and implement a sensible investment philosophy.

The investments made should be transparent when it comes to transactions, income, expenses and performance.

An expat should have peace of mind that the shares held as a part of their wealth management plan are held securely and that their cash is held in a reputable bank.

As an expat in Melbourne, it is important that a superannuation and wealth management advisor is chosen who is reputable, professional and trustworthy.

Our E Team member in Melbourne is an experienced and trustworthy professional who is keen to assist with all your superannuation and wealth management needs.