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Australia Migration Services provides top of the line migration and recruitment services.

With experienced education counselors, registered migration agents and recruitment specialists, and the expertise in International recruitment and Australia migration, they are committed to deliver high-quality results to business and individual clients.

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Visas for Expats Living in Melbourne

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of visa
applications for entry into Australia each year.

Many visa applications will be successful.

However, many applications will be rejected. While some applications will be rejected due to false information or ineligibility, many will be rejected due to mistakes and inconsistencies.

It is important to provide substantiating evidence when applying for a visa.

For example, if an applicant asserts that they are married, then a certified copy of a marriage certificate should be provided. If the financial status of the applicant is relevant, then copies of bank statements and other documents proving ownership of assets should be submitted.

Also, an applicant needs to be frank, honest and consistent in all their answers to all questions
in the application. Applicants should be aware that the Department may search through public
records and social media profiles and verify educational records with originating institutions.

A registered migration agent is a professional who specialises in the visa process and can
effectively assist an expat in navigating the visa process to ensure the best chances of success.