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Each of our providers has been handpicked and stringently vetted to ensure they provide the best quality service.

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4 Tips About Midlands UK

Here are 4 tips expats moving to Midlands UK should know:

You need to apply for National Insurance Number once you land, it is a mandatory requirement if you are planning to work.

When making an appointment with a doctor, you need to have registered for the National Health Service.

The public transport system is efficient and easy to use – all you need is an Oyster Card to travel.

The game that 22 players run around the field with a ball for 90 minutes is Football and not Soccer.

Meet your Midlands UK Team Leader

Richard Feakins

Richard Feakins is a tax consultant and business advisor with over 15 years’ experience in advising owner managed businesses, start-ups, barristers, non-UK domiciliary and other high net worth individuals.

He uses his significant business and tax experience to help his clients achieve their goals through tax efficiency, allowing their businesses and personal wealth to grow – freeing up time and stress.

If you would like forward-thinking advice, he is happy to meet for a coffee!

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