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Moving to Midlands UK

With its vast green landscape and rich history, Midlands UK is fast becoming the destination of choice for expats seeking life outside of a major city but who want to remain close to the action.

To help you move and settle into your new home city, we have assembled a team of handpicked and stingingly vetted service providers that specialise in assisting expats living in Midlands UK.

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Top 5 tips for expats in Midlands UK

The Midlands encompassing many large urban areas and is restricted by a ‘green belt’ to protect the surrounding countryside. This means you get the best of both worlds, an urban lifestyle with bountiful nature a short drive away.

Below are the top 5 insider tips for expats moving to Melbourne

Getting around the Midlands
The Midlands is well connected with motorways, but congestion can be a problem. The rail network is recommended for commuting. It runs between the cities of the Midlands and booking is fast and easy online or at the station.

Choosing a place to live
Although not as high as London, house prices are still relatively high in the Midlands. The further north you move the better the affordability and you can get to London in 35 minutes. Milton Keynes is the heart of the region with great transport links, lots of green space and good schools.

Access to healthcare
Like in the rest of the UK, those living in the Midlands have access to the
public healthcare system (National Health Service or NHS). It is advisable that you check whether your visa type provides access to the healthcare system. In order to access the system, you will need an NHS card and then need to register as a patient with a GP (general practitioner) who can refer you to specialists if required. To avoid long waiting lists on the public system, expats generally choose to take out private health insurance.

Cost of living
Salaries may be lower, but this is compensated by the quality of life in the Midlands. There is a real focus on work life balance, and you will have time to explore the rich history of the region.

Home of literary geniuses
The Midlands was home to some of the world’s greatest poets and authors. Many a novel has been set in the rolling hills and striking greenery of this picturesque region. Shakespeare himself was born and raised in the Midlands.

Meet your Midlands UK Team Leader

Richard Feakins

Born and raised in the UK, Richard spent 10 years living and working in New Zealand before settling back in the Midlands.

He regularly advises expat clients around their tax position providing him insight into the issues expats face when moving to the Midlands.

This, combined with his personal experience as an expats, allows Richard to provide newly arrived expats with the local knowledge they need to settle in.


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