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Nellions Moving & Relocations

Nellions Moving and Relocations was established to meet the need for a higher standard of service in the regional moving industry.

Named after one of the peaks of Mount Kenya, the firm strives to take the handling of personal goods to newer higher levels with dignity and the utmost sophistication.

Placing a high importance on service, quality and engaging and employing the newest technology, products and services, Nellions is proudly serving the Kenyan and expat community with all their relocation  and removal needs.

Nellions stands for innovation and boldness.


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Cosmas Kamutu
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Relocation for Expats in Nairobi

Moving to a new city such as Nairobi will most definitely adventurous and exciting.

However, the organisation and the mechanics of any overseas move can be stressful and overwhelming to an expat.

It is therefore crucial to a successful move to engage the services of a professional removal and relocation firm.

A number of factors should be taken into account in choosing the right removal and relocation firm.

As a relocation and removal firm offers a unique service, in that they are allowed into an expat’s home to pack and transport treasured household items, it is important that an established and professional firm is engaged that makes the safety and protection of your household items its utmost priority

A relocation firm should be innovative in its practices, by employing and engaging with the latest and newest technology, products and services so as to ensure that all an expats needs in the removal and relocation process are fulfilled.

It is important that a relocation firm belongs to a professional association that sets guidelines and quality standards in relation to the removal and relocation process. These associations ensure that  that such guidelines are complied with and that their quality standards are met by the firm with their customers.

An expat’s relocation needs will be best served with the specialist expertise and professional services of a relocation and removal firm.