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Tax & Accounting

Crowe Erastus & Co. Certified Public Accountants

Established in 1997, Crowe Erastus & Co. Certified Public Accountants provides its clients with tailored tax and accounting solutions.

Their wealth of expertise and specialised knowledge, combined with their passion for professionalism, make them the perfect choice for all your tax advisory and compliance needs. They are ranked as the 8th largest accounting firm in the world and one of the largest in Kenya, offering everything from advisory to auditing services.

Crowe Erastus & Co. assists expats in:

  • Taxation
  • Human resource and risk consulting
  • Sustainability reporting
E-Team Member Contact:
Erastus K. Omolo
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Tax & Accounting for Expats in Nairobi

Tax in Nairobi is collected by the Kenya Revenue Authority and is dependent on whether or not an expat is a “fiscal resident” of Kenya. You are considered a “fiscal resident” if you reside in Nairobi for at least 183 days of a tax year.

Key Tax & Accounting tips you should know as an expat in Nairobi
  • Kenya has taxation on worldwide income, meaning that fiscal residents pay tax on all income earned, whether or not this comes from sources inside the country or not.
  • Non-fiscal residents are only taxed on income that comes from within Kenya.
  • However, you need to keep in mind that Kenya does have tax treaties with certain governments, which prevent you from paying tax on the same income twice.
  • The country has a graduating tax system, which means the more you earn, the more tax you are required to pay.
  • Tax rates in Nairobi are range from 10% to 30%, but there is no inheritance, gift, or estate tax.
  • Kenya’s pension fund leaves a lot to be desired, as you will only contribute a negligible amount to it. The tax is withheld by your employer, but it is advisable for you to also set aside an amount for a savings fund of your own making
  • Taxes need to be filed by the 30th of June.

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