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Expatland E-Teams Help Expat Plans Come Together

July 31, 2018: Founder of Expatland Global Network, John Marcarian, wrote the book ‘Expatland’ in 2015 to provide essential guidance for anyone planning to live and work overseas. Now, he is working with professionals across the globe to build Expatland E-Teams in expat hotspots, including Auckland. E-Teams bring together complementary professionals with a shared mission to ‘make life easier for expats on the move’.

Expatland Is Recruiting

John, who is currently recruiting for the Auckland E-Team, says, “I’m looking for professionals to join our global community of trusted advisors with a collective ambition to support people in their move to New Zealand. E-Team members from a range of non-competitive sectors will benefit from working together, raising their profile and growing their business as a verified expat service provider.”

In existing E-Teams in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore, members come from diverse sectors. They include specialists in visas and immigration, shipping and relocation, finance, pensions, mortgages, education, healthcare, real estate and law. Each E-Team only has one partner from each sector, a deliberate move to align the group’s teamwork and bring focus on solving expat challenges.

Expatland’s E-Team network brings together multi-disciplined professionals who are focused on helping expats move to, and settle into, their new home city. E-Team members understand that moving to ‘Expatland’ is thrilling, but also challenging. In order to maximise the chances of a successful transition, they provide location-specific advice, which is hard to find independently.

John says, “We believe that the world’s 244 million expats are the 3% changing the world, through their transfer of knowledge and positive impact on their new communities. Expatland’s E-Teams are committed to enhancing their chances of prospering in their new chosen country, which benefits the world at large.”

Business people wishing to attend Expatland’s seminar can register here, or email for more information.

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