Expatland Community Helps Out Armenian Students

Expat Community Gives Back

Expatland Giving Back Fund (EGBF), the not-for-profit parent company of Expatland Global Network, has continued to give back to the community by starting another project to help the pupils of the Aratashen school in Armenia.

Together With Horizon Learning Center

In partnership with Horizon Learning Center, Expatland Giving Back Fund has started an English Learning Program for students at Aratashen’s public school.



Arashaten is a small village located in the plains of Armenia. The main speciality of the locals is agriculture and gardening.

Teaching the English Language to Open Wider Opportunities

Expatland Giving Back Fund started its English learning program in Mid-March 2021 where a total of 88 students aged 6 to 14 have started their first lessons. The aim of the program is to provide students with opportunities to study the English language deeper, beyond the school’s English curriculum.

“Better education will help to keep the kids in the village, they will be able to find new work opportunities at their home place, instead of moving to the capital, as many do now in search of a job”, said Sevak Gharzaryan, principal of Aratashen school.

The program is taught by teachers who passed special training by Expatland Giving Back Fund. One of them is Anna Avagyan, a graduate of the State Language University of Armenia who has a wide practice of teaching English for kids for the past 10 years both in Armenia and Russia. Another teacher is Lili Ghazaryan who is pursuing a bachelor degree in IT at the American University of Armenia, but also has an English Teacher certificate and has taught math in English and English language for young kids for the past 3 years.

Continuing to Give Back

“Knowledge of English is an essential skill in today’s world. Not only does it provide increased education and vocational opportunities, but it also helps one form international friendships with people around the world. We are pleased to work with the students from Aratashen and give back to their community.” said John Marcarian, founder of Expatland Global Network.

Expatland Giving Back Fund is covering all the teacher’s expenses and books for the students are provided by Horizon Learning Center. The English learning program will be made available to older pupils by September 2021. The Expatland Giving Back Fund has been partnering with Aratashen school previously and it was decided to continue providing support to the school since mutual cooperation in the past has been proven to be fruitful.

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