Expatland Global Network – Assistance to Ukrainian & Russian citizens moving abroad


Like many of you, we have looked on with a mixture of sadness, disbelief and frustration at the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine over the last few weeks.


The movement of Ukrainian refugees in Europe is not something any of us thought we would see in our lifetime.


The Expatland Global Network was, as you know, founded to help expats on the move.


While refugees are not our focus – as a network we are supporting a number of charitable causes to help refugees on the move.


Next week I will be in Yerevan, Armenia which has seen a number of new arrivals from Ukraine and Russia – since this crisis began.


Their needs are paramount in my mind.


While Ukrainians are leaving in enormous numbers due to the conflict – it is also worth recognising that many decent, law abiding, Russian families are also moving out of Russia in search of a new life.


I will be speaking with a number of these families (both Ukrainian and Russian) in Armenia next week with a view to seeing how we can help them move around Expatland.


As the needs of these families become clearer – I will reach out to those of you in cities where these families would like to live.


Our main focus is on helping to settle affected people in accordance with their wishes.


Thank you in advance for your support.




John Marcarian


Expatland Global Network