The Moving Expat In A Pandemic: What Changes To Expect When You Move To Toronto

Adapting During Unprecedented Times

Just as the whole world does, relocations companies in Toronto continue to adapt, innovate and work harder than ever to provide assistance to expats during the pandemic. A lot has changed, everyone has had to adjust and bid farewell to the traditional process of moving from one city to another. And moving in and out of Toronto during this pandemic is different from what the usual norm for relocation has been pre-Covid19 times.

Advice from Our Relocation and Shipping E-Team

Nitin Badhwar of Welcomehome Relocations Inc., our relocation and shipping E-team member in Toronto explains what expats moving to Canada, and specifically Toronto, should expect. 

So what has changed?

Strict implementation and compliance to health protocols have been paramount to making sure that service providers and expats alike are kept safe from the global pandemic. Information dissemination and aiding expats is now done virtually. If you are an expat who is planning to move to Toronto any time soon, expect these changes: 

1. Virtual assistance

If you are planning to move to Toronto, expect that most communication will be done through online platforms like Skype and Zoom. You will most likely meet your service providers virtually. Meetings and deals will be done through your mobile and computer screens to reduce the risk brought upon by the Covid-19 virus.

The positive in this is that it is more convenient to reach and engage with service providers before you move. Similar technologies like FaceTime and Whats App are now more commonly used in the flow of communication.

2. Online tours and viewing

Looking for property has become virtual too. No need to worry about personally traveling to Toronto to look for a house or an apartment to move into. Relocation service providers now offer neighbourhood tours and orientations via video calls. Tours of rental accommodations and available properties are now done virtually which can be convenient.

3. Destination services apps

Destination services apps have been proven to be a very useful tool in advising and informing moving expats. The need for information, especially in these difficult and stressful times, has never been more crucial. Mobility managers can now easily give you information such as the movement on housing rates and other costs of living factors, country-wide and regional protocols in place to combat this pandemic, as well as continual and timely updates on changes to the protocols as they occur. With these service apps, you can now get real-time updates.

At the time of writing this article, Quebec has already instituted a curfew, and within days the province of Ontario is expected to implement something similar. With the service apps, this information can be communicated to travelling expats immediately so that you are properly informed and can make the right decisions. 

4. Contactless grocery and shopping

If you are moving into Toronto or any part of Canada, you will be required to strictly quarantine for 14 days upon your arrival. So in addition to the aforementioned video tours and viewings, grocery shopping and delivery are now done virtually as well. This is to make sure that expats entering the country can avoid face to face interaction.

With all these adjustments, service providers continue to welcome traveling expats as they enter Canada, and ensure that you are properly and safely serviced throughout your transition. As the pandemic progresses service providers will continue to learn and come up with new and improved ways of doing things. You can expect that some of these changes will remain the norm even after the need for isolation is no longer required as they have already been proven efficient and effective. 

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