What Leadership Looks Like Post-COVID 19

New Hybird Methods

The new hybrid ways of working have changed the direction of global mobility and have created challenges for the leaders of global companies on how to continually support their people and consider their future and of the company.

In a publication from Relocate Global, Expatland Global Network’s Founder John Marcarian and London E-Team Group Leader Ian Miles have shared their insights on what leadership looks like post-COVID 19.

Know The Needs Of Employees

John highlighted the importance of leaders knowing the needs of their employees. He shared that “leaving no one behind” is the philosophy leaders need to live by.

“As the mix of workers facing restrictions changes, we see many companies adopting a ‘two tier’ approach where there is a special focus put on isolated workers’ physical and mental health,” he says. “New forms of social interaction for those workers are put in place, such as the virtual team lunch (with food delivered!) or a simple delivery of employee care packages, or the implementation of additional medical or counselling support to address issues the isolated employee faces.” John added.

Ian Miles of James Cowper Kreston says that the challenge for leaders now lays in the ability to maintain an agile working policy for their employees.

“We need to focus on how we will manage that new way of hybrid working into the future,” Ian added.

Read the full article on the Relocation Global website.

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